Wye Valley Brewery Dorothy Goodbody’s Country Ale (6%)

Dorothy Goodbody Country AleAs much as I enjoy Wye Valley’s Dorothy Goodbody Range, I have a big problem with the name and label.
I mean, it’s the 21st Century.
There’s surely no need for this kind of chauvinist branding to sell your beer – You simply have to read the verging on suggestive page on the brewery’s website to see that this is more than just a simple Pin Up girl.
And all of this puts me off buying their beer, which is a shame as this is a really decent Ruby Ale packed with chocolate digestives, port, plums, red wine and lashings of honey.
There’s some good liquorice tinged hazel and bramble hops too, with mown lawn pithiness and a freshly baked fruitcake body.
This is a squidgy, sticky, belly warming beer that sits a deep mahogany in your glass and I like it very much.
But I’d never have bought it if it hadn’t come as part of a mixed case, as it’s everything that’s wrong with the old guard of beer branding.

Source: BeerBods

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