The Lost Abbey Inferno (8.5%)

InfernoThis is nothing to be scared of.
After all, it’s only beer.
But when you’ve read about something and waited for it to enter your life, things can get a little bit weird.
I’ve wanted to try Lost Abbey (Port Brewing Co.) beer for so long the idea that one day I would became almost mythical, and now I’ve opened a cork sealed 750ml bottle the stars have aligned.
I have to say that I find the spiel on the label more than a bit ridiculous, but I can’t fault the beer.
Pouring a light straw with a cumulonimbus for a head, the smell is yeast and straw, white wine and candy apples.
The malting is croissants dunked in gin, toffee, apple pie and bread crusts, and there’s a big earthy backyard yeastiness.
The hops are sharp and bitter, packed with hedgerow undergrowth, pithy hazel, lime zest, blackberry leaf tea and gooseberries, and the finish is so dry it feels like every drop of moisture has been sucked from your head, making you reach for another mouthful even though you know exactly what will happen.
This is a brilliant bottle of beer, and I’m not afraid anymore.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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