Thornbridge Brewery Sequoia (4.5%)

SequoiaI’m sorry, but why do so many people hold Thornbridge in such high regard?
The beer is OK, but generally no more than that.
There are a couple of beers in their range that I’d say I like very much.
And there are several beers in their range that I’d happily drink if that’s all that was on the bar.
But there are a lot of beers in their range that, especially in bottles, are so sugary I can’t finish them.
Sequoia is another of those beers, very sweet and very one dimensional.
A toffee smell gives way to toffee malt, a little biscuit and some citrussy hops.
In a pub on a Friday night this is drinkable, enjoyable even.
But on its own with all the attention that that brings, Sequoia is entirely unremarkable.

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