Welcome Back: Left Hand Brewing

left-hand-logoOK, before I start, this may look like advertising.
It’s not meant to be, though I guess it is.
It’s just that I’m excited by some news I heard a couple of weeks ago.
The news being that James Clay have done a deal with Left Hand Brewing to regularly bring their beer into the UK.
And this makes me very happy as I like Left Hand’s beer rather a lot.
So far all I’ve been able to find out is that Beer Hawk, Ales By Mail and a couple of other places are stocking the range, but I’m hoping with everything crossed that we may see a high street store taking some á la Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo – I mean, it’s perfect for Waitrose, right?
In celebration of being able to get a regular supply of this good stuff I drank a bottle of Left Hand’s Polestar as I’d not tried it before, and this is what I found.

PolestarPolestar Pilsner (5.5%)
With Polestar, Left Hand have made a Pilsner that does just what you want it to.
It’s crisp and clean, a straw, spice and caramel aroma wafting up from my glass as the beer sits a light yellow with a little white sparkly head.
The malts are soft and gentle, French bread crusts and a dab of toffee, and there’s a good earthy yeast spiciness.
The hops are sharp and bitter, all fresh herbal foliage, a little dandelion pithiness and a splash of lemon juice.
Polestar is a very good Pilsner indeed.
Welcome back to the UK, Left Hand.

Source: James Clay

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