Island Brewing Co. Avocado Honey Ale (5.3%)

Avocado Honey AleIf all beers brewed with honey were like this I’d be a very happy man, but so many of them are far too sweet for my liking.
Avocado Honey Ale manages to get the balance just right, blending a rich honey sweetness with a very good crunchy dry biscuit malt base and some sharp and tingly green herbal hops.
The aroma is honey and orchard blossom and the avocado honey does make its presence felt as you drink – I swear I could taste that creamy greenness of avocados, though that might be a trick of my mind – but it never overwhelms, working with the other ingredients to create a smooth and rich mouth filling softness that leads to a luxurious finish to the very well made beer.

Source: Ales By Mail

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