Moylan’s Brewing Co. Danny’s Irish Style Red Ale (6.5%)

Danny's Irish Style Red AleOh, I could drink this forever.
Danny’s Irish Style Red Ale is a mouthful of a name and a delicious mouthful of a beer.
Pouring a bright amber, the smell is treacle tart and flowers, and the malting is absolutely the star in this beer.
It’s crammed full of well baked biscuits, honey and toffee, bran flakes and treacle.
The hops are dry and crunchy, a woodland walk in autumn, leaves crackling under feet and roast chestnuts in a brown paper bag.
Is that pretentious nonsense?
Perhaps it is, but try Danny’s Irish and I think you’ll see exactly what I mean.
The finish is sticky with burned sugar syrup and dry and bitter with orange rind.
I really could drink this forever.

Source: Ales By Mail

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