Norfolk Square Brewery Barmy IPA (6.5%)

Barmy IPAPart of Norfolk Square’s Maverick range, you may find me using the term English quite a lot in this review as Barmy IPA is made with lots and lots of English hops that give a rich piney aniseed smell.
The beer pours a rich amber and its malts – all produced locally to the brewery – have a rather comforting digestive biscuit and caramel wafer flakiness that’s somehow very English, reminding me of days spent at my grandparents’ house, though I can’t put my finger on quite why that might be.
Perhaps my grandfather always smelled of the Pigeon Hole (hi local pub).
The hops are big and shouty and (here we go again) very English indeed, with dandelion and burdock, mown lawns, aniseed balls and tea leaves.
And with a finish that’s long and dry and pithy, Barmy IPA is a very lovely and very English beer.

Source: Norfolk Square Brewery

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