Adnams Jack Brand 1659 Smoked Ruby Beer (4.7%)

1659 Smoked Ruby BeerI’m an unashamed fan of Adnams’ Jack Brand as I think they have got the “big brewery jumping on the Craft bandwagon” just about right.
They don’t pretend to be a separate brewery as some brewers do, and their look and feel is classy and well designed.
What’s more 1659 Smoked Ruby Beer is a delight, pouring a deep cherry red with an aroma of campfires and forest fruit.
There’s a deep rich toffee and prune malt with a hint of coffee and some chewy figs, and there’s some snappy hazel leaf, green tea and orange marmalade hops.
And all of this is draped in a warm mist of wood smoke.
It’s just a shame that 1659 only comes in a 330ml bottle as I could happily dive into a pint of it.

Source: Adnams

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