Strand Brewing Co. White Sand (8.5%)

White SandBeware of the people that you meet at the beach.
White Sand is a great big MoFo of an Imperial IPA, it’s sinewy and self assured, hard ans nails and handsome as hell.
Rocking a deep amber glow, it stinks of peaches and rum and candied peel.
White Sand will get you drunk and you’ll go willingly, led into the abyss by the sticky kiss of toffee coated peanut biscuits, the bunch of flowers (probably stolen) that you’re presented with, and the long bitter punch in the throat – all oranges and lime leaves, jelly sweets, redwood and freshly picked herbs – that knocks you sideways as you look at his beauty through the booze haze, hoping he won’t rob you blind before moving on to his next victim.
White Sand is a psychotic beach bum and I love him.

Source: Ales By Mail

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