Hop Art Brewery Hoppist (6.1%)

HoppistWhen Hop Art asked if I’d like to try this beer I of course said, “Yes please,” and then as I was about to open it I panicked that I might have to say bad things about it.
But I needn’t have worried.
I don’t need to say anything bad at all.
In fact Hoppist – a Belgian style Dubbel – is very good indeed.
Sitting a lovely deep purple brown in my glass, the aroma is rich and fruity, boozy christmas pudding.
As you take a mouthful the beer feels great, all thick and buttery, sticking to you as you taste liquorice and plums, treacle tart, coffee and blackberries.
There’s a decent herbal hop kick too, which livens Hoppist up and stops it becoming too cloying.
Very good indeed.

Source: Hop Art Brewery

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