Meantime Brewing Co. Coffee Porter (6%)

Coffee PorterTell me something.
When did beer start having to be labelled as a, “Malt beverage with coffee added”?
On the whole I like Meantime beer.
I don’t find it massively exciting, but generally it’s drinkable and enjoyable.
This however, this “Coffee Porter”, is terrible.
The aroma is insipid toffee and raisins and as I take a gulp everything is very one dimensional, synthetic, fake, in fact it tastes like a, “Malt beverage with coffee added,” rather than a beer.
The coffee isn’t even good.
It’s half a spoon of Nescafé and the malt is damp bran flakes with a pinch of brown sugar.
So, tell me, is a “Malt beverage with coffee added” a beer or a weird boozy Horlicks hybrid.

Source: Ales By Mail

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