Hop Art Brewery Golden IPA (5.2%)

Golden IPA“That smells like oranges,” my six year old daughter said as she took a sniff.
And she’s right.
Hop Art’s Golden Ale with extra hops pours a light gold and holds its big frothy head high giving off a lovely aroma of oranges and flowers.
The malting is biscuity – think Rich Tea rather than digestives – and has dollops of honey, chopped nuts and Weetabix going on too.
And the hops give you lots of satsumas and lemons, green grapes, lime zest, sherbet and pithy green leaves.
This is a tongue quivering beer, a refreshing beer, a beer with a lovely long dry and very sharp finish.
I could change my mind about Golden Ales if more of them had the kind of character that this one does.

Source: Hop Art Brewery

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