The Kernel Pale Ale Centennial Rakau Citra (5.5%)

Alternatively titled “How much do I love thee, Kernel?”

Pale Ale Centennial Rakau CitraThe Kernel are just so consistently good, aren’t they?
In fact, I’ve only ever had one beer that wasn’t right.
It was a Porter and it was a gusher and Kernel said sorry by sending half a dozen bottles of beer gratis.
This little bottle of joy is exactly what you’d expect.
A lovely big fresh fruity aroma, a solid caramel and honey biscuit malt body, and hops that make your tongue curl and your face contort with an uncontrollable smile by slapping you with lime leaevs and hedgerow, kiwi, mango and magic.
I said some time ago, and I’m almost certain I’ve said it more than once, that I wasn’t going to review The Kernel anymore because what I had to say has all been said before.
But you need to know just how good this beer is.
It’s so good that I swooned with big doe eyes and trembling lips.

Source: EeBria

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