Westerham Brewery Audit Ale (6.2%)

Audit AleBrewed to the same recipe as Black Eagle Brewery’s 1938 Audit Ale and using an authentic yeast strain, this beer (originally brewed for use at Oxford and Cambridge’s Audit Feasts) tastes old fashioned in this world of “Craft” beer.
But that’s no bad thing, as this is a beautifully crafted beer that smells of treacle and raisins and sits a rich amber in my glass.
Immediately on taking a sip you get a musty spicy yeast fug that floats around warming the edges of your palate.
The malting is rich and round and fruity, it’s molasses and walnuts, biscuits and prunes.
The Kent hops are bitter hedgerow and bramble jelly, and all this together makes for a rather splendid sticky bitter finish that’s reminiscent of Fuller’s Vintage Ale, and that is a very good thing.

Source: Ales By Mail

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