Alechemy Carynx Black Saison (6%)

CirynxIt’s a bit feisty, this Black Saison.
But once you fight your way through the enormous thick spongy head you find a nice warm dark beer.
In fact I like this very much, though I can’t really find any of the Saison flavours I was expecting.
What this tastes like to me is a very nicely made Black IPA.
The aroma is lightly spiced chocolate coated plums and the malting is full of burned toast, expresso and treacle.
The hopping is fresh and sharp, lots of aniseed and green tea, garden herbs and lime zest, and the finish is sticky and bitter sweet.
But you know and I know that, even though a true Saison can taste of all sorts of things, generally when we buy a British beer calling itself a Saison it’s because of the yeast strain that it’s using and that that in itself gives a very specific set of flavours and I just can’t find them in here.
Maybe it’s the weight os the malt bill?
I simply don’t care, because Carynx is a very good little beer.

Source: Ales By Mail

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