Bullfinch Brewery Dexter (4.4%)

DexterDexter is a Black Pale Ale brewed with Galaxy, Zythos and Ella hops, and it’s really rather good.
But tell me something.
Why is this a Black Pale Ale rather than the more commonly found (these days) Black India Pale Ale?*
There’s a lower alcohol content, granted, but Dexter is a super lively full bodied beer with a lively fizzy body and a shed load of hops in it that make it zippy and fresh.
The malting is, unsurprisingly, coffee burned toast and treacle, and the hops are sharp and green herbal leaves, lime zest, marmalade and grass clippings.
The aroma is fruit salad, walnuts and coffee and the finish is long and dry and woody.
BIPA, BPA or Cascadian Ale, whatever you want to call it, I like Dexter a lot.

Source: Ales By Mail

*It’s a rhetorical question, please don’t phone in.

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