Riegele Biermanufaktur Noctus 100 (10%)

Noctus 100 - 1“A whole pint of Imperial Russian Stout.
Noctus 100 is delicious.
It’s a big round stewed fruit beer.
It’s a beer packed with prunes and damson jam, treacle tart and brandy heat, brown bread and boozy plums.
It’s a beer tempered by fresh herbal leaves, basil and thyme predominantly, and a spoonful of orange marmalade, lemon rind and nettle tea.
There’s a round soft creaminess to the body too, as well as black coffee and Ryvitas.
Noctus 100 is a very good beer whose size is getting the better of me.”

That’s what I wrote in my notebook last night and I woke up this morning to find over half of the beer still in my glass.
I vaguely remember waking up in my armchair at around one in the morning and sloping off to bed.
I don’t remember much else.

Source: Beermerchants

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