Thornbridge Brewery Jaipur X (10%)

Jaipur XI don’t get it.
I really don’t.
People’s love of Thornbridge seems a bit blind to me.
Or maybe I’ve changed massively since I first tried their beer.
You see, when I first starting my beery journey Jaipur and Kipling were definite gateway beers for me, but they changed.
And I think that it is them that changed rather than me.
They became sweet and cloying.
Jaipur X is a hyped up version of Jaipur celebrating Thornbridge’s tenth anniversary and people have been talking about it a lot, which is why I felt I should get a bottle as I stopped writing about their beer when I realised that I simply don’t like them very much anymore.
And so this review is entirely subjective, but all that Jaipur X seems to do is take the overly sticky sugar sweetness of the original and make it extra sickly by ramping up the booze.
In fact it’s so sweet that it made my tongue curl back in dismay.
There’s some caramel popcorn malt, a light hedgerow smack from the hops and a weird aroma of cabbages in corn syrup, but nothing detracts from the alcohol heat and the mind numbingly sickly sweetness.
No, I really don’t get it.

Source: The Offie

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