Weird Beard Brew Co. & Hanging Bat Rye Smile (10.6%)

Rye Smile - 1Rye Smile is a Rye Wine.
And in keeping with all things Weird Beard, Rye Smile is a great name.
I’ve not come across a Rye Wine before, thought I’m sure someone can tell me it has been done many times.
Anyhow, a Rye Wine instead of a Barley Wine, Rye Smile is very good if a little intense.
The aroma is brandy and bran flakes and the beer sits a lovely rich amber in my glass.
This is a big warm boozy beer with a hint of brandy rumbling away under the treacle tart, walnuts and maple syrup of the malts.
There’s a decent hop presence too, sharp lemon zest, grapefruit and aniseed providing a much needed bitterness as the finish gets big and round and chewy with caramel and whisky heat.
There’s probably a lot more I could say about this, but things get a bit fuzzy by the time you’re halfway down your glass.

Source: Beermerchants

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