Mad Hatter Brewing Co. Raspberry & Basil Wit (5.5%)

Raspberry & Basil Wit - 1This could well be my beer of the year.
It’s certainly in the lead right now.
This is a beer that does exactly what its name suggests, but it does it with an immense amount of style.
From the lovely label on the bottle to the soft pink hue of the foamy head, I love this.
The aroma is red fruit and country lawns, all fresh and green and breezy, and as you take a swig you find yourself being gently kissed by raspberries.
They get everywhere too, and boy are they lovely.
The basil adds a steely metallic tang to the edges of the soft honey and crusty bread of the malts, working with the hops to give a super fresh slap to the long creamy finish.
Yes, this little bottle of beer is extraordinarily good.

Source: Honest Brew

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