Moor Beer Co. Fusion (8%)

I’ve written a couple of open letters on this blog in the past, one of them an out and out love letter.
I don’t do it very often, only when I feel I must.
And right now I feel I must.

Fusion - 1Dear Moor, dear Justin.
We’ve known each other for some time now and you know I try to always tell the truth.
You may have read recently how I get perplexed by seemingly everyone sticking everything into a barrel and releasing whatever comes out of it into the public domain regardless of quality.
Not everything aged in a barrel is any good.
But this is.
This is absolutely superb.
I love the deep rich treacle tart chewiness, the well baked pastry and bran flakes of the malts.
I love the black cherries and plums that seem to appear as if by magic, and I love the sharp spiky nettle and bracken pithiness of the hops that prickle on my tongue.
And I love the bruised and boozy apple brandy snap warmth and the lightly fungal damp wood from the cider brandy barrels that Fusion has aged in.
When barrel ageing works it’s an absolute delight and this has really worked.
Justin, this is superb.

Source: EeBria

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