Salopian Brewery Bulletproof (5.8%)

Bulletproof - 1Bulletproof is a single hopped Pale Ale brewed with Mosaic and I was initially confused by this beer.
And for no other reason than its name.
You see, when I saw what this beer was called I expected that it was made using Green Bullet (just about my favourite hop) and so when I took a swig I found myself confused (I’m easily confused).
And so I had a quick chat with Jake at Salopian and on being informed that the beer is stuffed full of Mosaic everything started to make sense again.
Bulletproof is another superb beer from Salopian, its soft and gentle toffee and waffle malt creating a salty sweet platform on which the hops show you what they can do.
Imagine a Lime Starburst sweet.
Got it?
This beer is full of it.
And that sweet is wrapped in lime leaves and mango flesh, doused in satsuma juice and flecked with sherbet.
As for the aroma, well, it’s a succulent and juicy tangerine beauty.
Bulletproof is a lovely thing and Salopian continue to be the quiet heroes of the Really Good Beer revolution.

Source: EeBria

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