Buxton Brewery Anglo Mania (10.3%)

Anglo Mania - 1Brewed in collaboration with Evil Twin, Anglo Mania is a ridiculously good Barley Wine.
Brewed with a single malt and a single hop – though the label doesn’t tell you which malt or which hop variety – this is a beautifully balanced beer.
The aroma is toffee apples and freshly deep fried doughnuts, and the beer is a lovely rich amber colour.
The malt is thick and sticky, round and chewy, heavy with treacle tart, and there’s a good herbal pithy hop.
But this, like so many good Barley Wines, is greater than the sim of its parts, and as the beer glues itself to your face and makes you feel fabulous, you simply give up wondering what malt and hop has been used and start wondering if you’ll ever remember your own name again.

Source: EeBria

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