CAMRGB – London Branch?

CAMRGBLONDONI have been discussing with Simon about the possibility of setting up the first CAMRGB Branch which will be based in London.

Why? Well there has been interest from more than one CAMRGB member in setting such a branch up. Not only will this enable you to meet up with fellow CAMRGB members I am hoping we can expand this to take in brewery visits, pub crawls and other beer related activities.

Interested? If so please send email to tom_camrgb at outlook dot com (with your membership number if you have one – if not join us!).

Please state whether you reside in north, east, south, west or outside of London. I have previously been an active CAMRA branch member and I don’t think we would a branch to replicate what they do (or do we?) so if you have any ideas what other roles a branch could take please let me have them with your response.

What about somewhere other than London? Well let’s gauge the interest. Again email me at the above and state where you reside and we can take it from there.

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