The Langton Brewery Fox Lager (5.2%)

Fox Lager - 1The Langton Brewery is based just a couple of miles down the road from me but I generally try and keep out of their way as I find their beer bland and boring.
This, however, is a bit of a surprise.
Langton’s Fox Lager is rather drinkable.
It has a big sweet floral aroma and a rather appealing light straw colour.
The malting is soft shortcake and caramel, ice cream cones and runny honey, and the hopping is lightly spiced flower borders and basil.
I’d be interested to find out (and I’m sure someone will tell me) if this is in fact a lagered beer or simply a beer made using lager malts and hops.
I’m guessing the latter as the finish is a little bit chewy and doesn’t have the clean crispness that a lagered beer usually has, and so it all feels a bit Real Ale-y at the end.
All in all, pretty good.

Source: Duncan Murray Wines

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