Bishop Nick Revelry (4.5%)

Revelry - 1I’ve tried really hard to like Bishop Nick beer, I really have, but I keep being disappointed.
And here I go again, as David Coverdale once whined.
Revelry is a Golden Ale with, “hops packed in like tents at Glastonbury,” and that they might be, but the simple fact is that the Rakau and Archer hops that ought to give a big floral fruity hit of lemon, mandarins and passionfruit, can’t fight their way to the surface under the weight of the boring biscuity malt.
There’s a big lumpen solid digestive brick that sits front and centre in this beer and stifles absolutely everything else.
It’s in the smell and in the body, the only respite you get is the lightest zesty snap right at the end, but it’s so fleeting as to be pointless.
I think I might give up.

Source: Ales By Mail

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