Ridgeway Brewery Hamster Of Doom (5.8%)

Hamster Of Doom - 1This is a “Brown Ale with Bite,” but I’m not sure what the bite is.
As it goes, this is a rather good Brown Ale packed with roasted hazelnuts, peanuts and chestnuts, toffee, honey and lots of red berries.
It’s round and chewy and satisfying.
And it has hops too, hops that are crunchy and brittle, leafy, dry and pithy, nettles and orange marmalade, lime leaves and dandelions.
Lots of deep satisfying flavours, but I don’t know what the bite is and I really want to.
Maybe it’s the alcohol warmth in the background, or maybe it’s the rich woody walnut finish.
I like this beer very much indeed, I just don’t like not knowing what they mean by bite.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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