Hardknott Brewery Elixir Of Invincibility (7.3%)

Elixir Of Invincibility“Hardknott team have been on a quest to find the perfect hop combination,” says the bottle, and boy do they come up trumps with the blend of Southern Hemisphere varieties that they’ve crammed in here.
Elixir Of Invincibility is a big joyful oily slippery devil of an IPA bursting with boozy jelly sweets, the aroma is like being attacked by a fruit bowl as the beer lounges all glowing and Amber in my glass.
There’s a pretty good malt body in here, and there needs to be to hold up the hoppy onslaught, it’s a gooey and chewy malted milk biscuit, honey and fudge flapjack that has just enough sweetness to its edges.
But this is a beer made of hops.
Lots of them.
You get massive hits of lime zest and passion fruit, grapefruit pith and super fresh herbal leaves, everything is crisp and clear and pin sharp, zippy with sherbet and fizzing with life, the finish is a long bitter tongue twisting funfair ride.

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