Mad Hatter Brewing Co. Salted Caramel Quadrupel (13%)

Salted Caramel Quadrupel - 1Absolutely mental in the most delicious way
Follow me down the rabbit hole t a place where everything is warm with boozy heat, smells rush out at you and bop you on the nose with boxing gloves fashioned from treacle tart, where there’s a liquorice stick provided for self flagellation, because that’s all you deserve for being so naughty as to think that you can drink this beer in innocence.
The beer is brittle, sweet and, unsurprisingly I guess, salty.
It’s prickly and lip smacking and it walks all over you, making sure you know who’s boss.
There probably are some and they’re probably what provides the leaf litter and walnut bitterness towards the end, but really I don’t care as I drift through the sticky sweet and salty morass into a warm boozy oblivion.

Source: The Offie

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