Stone Brewing Co. Points Unknown IPA (9.5%)

Points Unknown IPA - 1Good evening you wonderful beer, I would like you to ravage me please.
I know that you’re a collaboration between Stone, Ecliptic and Wicked Weed, and I know that you are a Double IPA blended with a barrel aged Belgian style Tripel.
I know this because it says so on your sexy green label.
What I didn’t know until now was that from the moment that I took your top off you’d be one of the sexiest, most voluptuous beers that I’ve had in a long time.
I love your warm amber glow and the way that you smell.
Because you smell so good.
You smell of boozy peaches and bubblegum, and that is very sexy indeed.
And when I put my lips to you and tasted you for the first time I loved how the rich round honey, marmalade and brioche kissed me with a fiery alcohol heat that took my breath away.
And then there’s the earthy yeasty blast that’s very seductive while hinting at dirtiness, and the massive, eye crossingly gorgeous resin coated lime and mango, mandarin and guava of your hops.
I have fallen for your soft marshmallow underbelly and the way that your waxy tannins feel in my mouth as I reach your dry crisp climax.
I have fallen for you Points Unknown and I don’t want you to leave me ever.

Source: BrewDog

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