Weird Beard Brew Co. Upside To A Down Day (4.6%)

Upside DownOne of the things that I love about Weird Beard, apart from the fact that they make ace beer and that they’re nice chaps, is that they always seem absolutely genuine.
What I mean is that when you talk to them you don’t get any hype, any marketing speak, just honest thoughts and feelings, and that is something that I value highly.
Interestingly, they’ve used this honest approach as part of the spiel on the label for Upside Down (which I’ll call this beer for brevity), and yes it might be clever marketing but I firmly believe that when they say that they were brewing a batch of Black Perle and it all went a bit wrong and in trying to rescue it they ended up with something very different that this is simply the truth.
Upside Down is a Breakfast Black IPA, an ace BIPA packed with coffee (courtesy of HasBean).
It pours espresso black with a big cappuccino head and smells of freshly ground coffee and treacle.
The malting is toffee, burned toast and meaty rye bread, and the hops leap out of this round chewy goodness with the Bravo, Apollo and Cascade hitting you full in the mush with pine resin and walnuts, lime zest, orange marmalade and lemon rind.
And all the while the coffee percolates underneath, bubbling up rich and woody, all roast nuts and cocoa powder, leading you into a rich and round yet superbly fresh bitter finish.
Mistake or not, this is a super beer.

Source: Ales By Mail

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