Siren Craft Brew Cotteridge Wines 20th Anniversary Blend (8.5%)

20th Anniversary Blend - 1I don’t need to tell you what this beer was created for as it’s obvious.
What I can tell you is that this is a blend of barrel aged versions – Bourbon, Baryuls and Pinot Noir – of Siren’s Maiden, Liquid Mistress and Calypso amongst others that remain unnamed.
What the blend has created is a conker red beer with an aroma that’s leathery, woody, fruity and boozy.
My first sip felt very tart, but once I was accustomed to the light sourness I found lots of things to enjoy.
There’s a big round treacle tart malt for a start, and lots of mandarin and lime zest hops.
And there’s pineapple too, fresh and crisp and juicy.
And all this is tempered by a damp fungal woodiness, a sharp but not overpowering sourness and a crisp clean bitter finish from a beer that hides its alcohol frighteningly well.
Here’s to twenty more years of the wonderful Cotteridge Wines.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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