The Wild Beer Co. Yadôkai (13%)

Yadokai - 1Brewed with and for Nanban and Black Friars, Yadokai is 750ml of brain numbing beauty.
A Sake inspired beer brewed with Yuzu, Sea Buckthorn and seaweed, this really is something else.
Fermented with Wild Beer’s ow Saison yeast strain, there’s an underlying earthy spice that’s warm and damp and lovely.
The aroma is honey sandwiches on the beach, and the beer pours a slightly flat looking sunny gold.
Taking a swig you find a multi layered explosion of flavours.
Sure there’s caramel and toffee wafers and crunchy biscuits, but there’s also a deep rich lemon orange juiciness from the Yuzu, and the most delicious ozone fuelled saltiness from the Buckthorn and seaweed.
The brandy heat of the alcohol warms everything and makes it all feel comfortable and homely, and then little shots of herbal greenery pop out as the hops do their thing.
If I were to be mega picky I’d say the beer not only looks a bit flat, it feels a bit flat, but with something that tastes so extraordinary, I’ll put that to one side.

Source: Ales By Mail

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