Brouwerij Emelisse Aceto Balsamico (7.5%)

Aceto BalsamicoI wasn’t sure when I saw this beer.
I wasn’t sure that I’d like it even though I like balsamic vinegar.
I mean, I like balsamic vinegar but I wouldn’t drink a half pint of it.
You see, this beer has been aged in a balsamic vinegar barrel and so the result could have gone either way.
But what has happened to this beer is that it has taken on all the interesting sweet fruitiness of the balsamic vinegar without too much acidity.
In fact, considering that this is a sour beer, the barrel ageing has stopped the sourness with sweet syrupy prune and plum goodness, leaving a beer that is rich with treacle tart and runny honey, dark fruit compote and candy floss.
The aroma is rich round and sweet and the beer is a dark ruby brown in my glass.
Right at the end the sourness peeps through and gives a welcome bitter kick across the boozy heat of this lovely, if odd, little beer.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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