Flying Dog Brewing Co. Double Dog (11.5%)

Double Dog - 1When is a Pale Ale an IPA and vice versa?
Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.
But it’s almost a question worth asking when faced with an 11% Pale Ale that’s so full of resinous hoppy boozy eye crossing qualities like Double Dog is.
The alcohol hit in here is enormous.
And alcoholic.
Bone-singeingly alcoholic.
The aroma, did I say aroma, I meant stink, is peaches and rum and well polished sideboards, and the beer sits an innocent looking gold in my glass.
The malting is a thick and gooey toffee and crunchy golden syrup biscuit joy and the hops are BIG.
Packed in tightly, they jump out at you with a fistful of herbal greenery, lemon rind and mango halves all glued together with the stickiest, most gluey pine resin you can imagine.
And in the finish the long dry bitterness is doused in white rum that tickles your throat as you swallow.
Gloriously silly, that’s what this is.

Source: The Beer Hawk

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