Gyle 59 Nettle IPA (5.3%)

Nettle IPA - 1Now this I like, I like this a lot.
What we have here is a very nice IPA.
An IPA with a round chewy toffee and lightly salted shortbread body.
An IPA with sweet rich honey and an aroma that is sharp with citrus fruit and woody with pencil shavings.
It’s an IPA with a nice zippy sherbet coated lemon rind and green herbal leaf hop, lots of hazel, bracken and fresh hedgerow undergrowth.
But this IPA has a bunch of nettles in it too, and they add an extra layer of pithy fresh leafy goodness, a spiky spicy zing that prickles away on your tongue as you head towards the long dry bitter finish.
Yes, I like this a lot.

Source: Gyle 59

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