Heretic Brewing Co. Evil Twin (6.8%)

Evil TwinCalifornia’s Heretic Brewing Co have made something really very good with their Evil Twin, a Red India Pale Ale.
And it starts with the deep blood red colour as you pour the beer from its can into your glass, its aroma of spicy plums and toffee wafting up to you.
There’s a really big round malt body to this beer, it’s full of treacle tart, prunes, vanilla pods and just a hint of black coffee.
And there are bags and bags of sharp green leafy herbal hops, metallic basil and woody thyme as well as zingy lemon zest and pithy satsuma rind all glued together with redwood resin.
All this and a finish that is superbly long and bitter and fresh.
I like this a lot.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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