Oskar Blues Brewery G’Knight (8.7%)

G'Knight - 1Holy Moly.
Can someone tell me what it is that American brewers do that English ones don’t that makes their beer so densely sticky and heavy and chewy with pine resin?
I mean, we have some fabulous breweries here that I love very much, but nobody is making beer in the UK that comes close to the sheer weight of this.
The smell is peaches and patchouli, redwood and Rye Whisky, and the beer is a deep conker red in my glass.
The malts are a face filling, mind bending, toffee popcorn, honey, pumpernickel and red berry glob of gloopy goodness, warmed by the white rum of the alcohol they get bigger and bigger as you work your way down the glass, and over them there are some seriously resinous hops.
You’ll find grapefruit zest and pecans, lemon rind, mango and old work benches all coated in a shellac-tough pine sap veneer that curls your teeth and crosses your eyes and leads you to the long bitter and sexily sticky finish.
This is a very good beer.
A very big beer.
A very American beer.
Holy Moly.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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