Renaissance Brewing Great Punkin (7.2%)

Enlightenment Great Punkin - 1When I took my first sip of this I did a little sigh and wanted to do a little weep.
But I managed to contain myself.
You see this isn’t just a Pumpkin Ale, it’s the best Pumpkin Ale I’ve ever had.
The smell that wafted up to me as I poured was deep and rich and sweetly sticky, and the beer sat a deep ruby in my glass.
The malting is big and round and thick and chewy, it’s plump and sexy, heavy with treacle tart and stewed red fruit, and there’s a liquorice tinged herbal leaf twang from the NZ Fuggle hops that zips about all over your tastebuds while the pumpkin and spices get to work on you.
They give you sweet fleshy pumpkin, warm earthy cinnamon, mace, All Spice and Star Anise that’s warmed through by the alcohol, and all this leads you to a big fat gloopy sweet dessert of a finish, and I love it.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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