The Norfolk Brewhouse Moon Gazer CellarBration Audit Ale (6.6%)

CellarBration Audit AleIf they had tried harder Norfolk Brewhouse could have probably made the name of this beer even longer.
But I’m being facetious, as this “Ruby Red Ale gently infused with cherry, honey, orange and mint” – there we go again with too many words – is really rather good.
Pouring a deep chestnut red, the aroma is cherries and pipe tobacco, rich and red and round.
The malting here is big and crunchy, all digestive biscuits steeped in honey, gloopy toffee at its edges and a crumbly shortcrust pastry base, and the hopping is very English.
It’s green hedgerow herbal leaves, hazel, nettle tea and just a twist of lemon, with the orange zest adding a sharp fruity twang and the mint coming on all fresh and breezy in the boozy bitter finish.
I like this very much indeed, but it’s one hell of a long name.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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