Aleyard is a new micro brewery based on a farm in Riddlesworth, Norfolk, that is currently brewing unfiltered and unfined bottle conditioned beer.
They are currently selling into local stores around the area and the range is a mix of classic styles with a “modern twist”.
After having a bit of a natter with Graeme (), owner and brewer, and was struck by his enthusiasm and passion and just had to try some of his beer.
This is what I found.

HaraldHarald (4.8%)
Harald is a Best Bitter and it’s a dark chestnut coloured delight.
The aroma is a woody and nutty and fruity, all freshly peeled conkers and plums.
Taking a swig you find a big peanut butter and toffee malt, sticky, mouth filling and chewy, there’s a little treacle, some toasted brown bread and a glob of honey.
And over this the hops are superbly bitter and pithy, all freshly cut grass, hedgerow greenery, a splash of lemon juice and some lovely dandelion and burdock that leads you to a super dry and crisp finish.

AA BitterAA Bitter (3.5%)
Fancy an easy drinking but ever so satisfying Bitter?
Look no further.
This little bottle of beer pours a rich Amber and smells of damsons, peaches and jelly sweets.
There’s a lovely big malting that’s stuffed full of digestive biscuits, dry, crunchy and toasty, and you’ll find honey too, and thick sticky toffee, and across this the hops cut with dandelions and nettles and a splash of zingy fresh lemon juice that leads you to a round and fruity yet sharp and bitter finish.

KrystalKrystal (4%)
There’s a very good tamarind bite to this beer.
Pouring a rich amber, Krystal is a chewy beer with a honey and flower border aroma.
The malting is gloopy toffee and crunchy biscuits, sticky tamarind and bruised apples, and there’s a very good sharp fresh herbal hopping laced with lemon rind and a pithy sapling wood edge that leads you to an excellent dry bitter finish.

EllieEllie (3.8%)
Ellie is a lovely light Blonde Ale brewed with elderflower which makes for a super perfume as you pour.
It’s a fresh green floral aroma and it wafts up at you as you lift the glass.
Taking a sip you find a gentle caramel wafer malt, some white pepper and a pinch of salt.
And then there’s a bunch of hazel and hedgerow hops that are punctuated by the delightful elderflower that adds a freshness to the dry bitter finish.

DarkDark (7%)
Dark is a big powerful Mild with a load of hops accompanying the treacle tart body of the malts.
The beer pours a deep purple brown and smells of stewed prunes and coffee with a little cappuccino head.
This is a malty beer, a beer rich with molasses and burned toast, black coffee and plum jam, and there’s a hefty hop hit that’s pithy and bitter, all nettle tea, aniseed and hedgerow that leads you to the boozy heat of the sticky espresso finish.

And so you see, what I found is rather good.
If you are in and around the area, hunt down some Aleyard beer, you won’t be disappointed.

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