Beer Of The Year 2015

Well well well.
The votes have been counted in the fourth annual CAMRGB Beer Of The Year Competition, and without further ado we can announce that by one vote the winner is:



Congratulations to Colin and the team.
The CAMRGB Glass Trophy will be with you as soon as we’ve had it engraved.
Interestingly, the beer that came second was from the same brewery.
It Was Yellow Belly, and it lost by a single vote.

And in no particular order, here’s the list of the beer that was voted for by CAMRGB members over the last few weeks:

Buxton Brewery – Two Ton
Buxton Brewery – Battle Horse
Salopian Brewery – Bulletproof
Magic Rock Brewing – Bearded Lady Desert
Siren Craft Brew – Uncle Zester
Beavertown – Yuzilla Phantom
BrewDog – Born To Die
Camden Brewery – Unfiltered Hells
Cantillon – Gueuze
Conrete Cow Brewery – MK IPA
Art Brew – Orange IPA
Gyle 59 – Nettle IPA
Buxton Brewery / Omnipollo – Yellow Belly Sundae
Beavertown – Heavy Water
Lagunitas Brewing Co. – Lagunitas Suck with Ancho & Pulla Chillis
Thornbridge Brewery – Halcyon
Buxton Brewery – Yellow Belly
Pressure Drop – Nanban Kanpai
Burning Sky – Saison A La Provision
BrewDog – Restorative Beverage
Siren Craft Brew – Bones Of A Sailor
Beavertown – Power Of The Voodoo
Magic Rock Brewing Co. – Ginspired
Mikkeller – 1000 IBU
The Kernel – IPA Mosaic
Buxton Brewery – Nth Cloud
Beavertown – Bloody ‘ell
Cloudwater – Cream Ale
Irwell Works – Marshmallow Unicorn
Anarchy Brewing Co. – Sublime Chaos
Beavertown – Quelle Saison
Castle Rock – Harvest Pale
Marble Brewery – Green Quarter IPA
Marble Brewery – Little Meiko
Fixed Wheel – Carbon Black IPA
Cloudwater – Autumn IPA
Tring Brewery – Kotuku
Whistable Brewery – Citra
Summer Wine Brewery – Calico Jack
Elgoods – Coolship
Roosters – Baby Faced Assassin
Magic Rock Brewing Co. – Salty Kiss
Sire Craft Brew – Broken Dreams
Blue Bee – Attack Of The Geek
The Kernel – Double IPA Mosaic
Vocation Brewery – Life & Death
BrewDog – Hop Fiction
Moor Beer Co. – Hoppiness
Mad Hatter Brewing Co. – Salted Caramel Quadrupel
Chorlton Brewing Co. – Dark Matter
Orbit Brewing Co. – Leaf
Pressure Drop – Pale Fire
Wild Beer Co. – The Blend 2015
Burning Sky – Easy Answers
Adnams – Sorachi Saison
Tilquin – Mure
Beavertown – St. Clements Phantom
Brodie’s Brewery – Awesomestow IPA
Hasting Brewery – Mosaic Pale
Chorlton Brewing Co. – Farmhouse IPA
Cloudwater – Spring IPA
Almasty Brewery – Nelson Pale
Buxton Brewery – Special Reserve Wyoming Sheep Ranch

There was a pretty even spread between bottle, cask, and keg, and also a number of canned beers included.

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