Brouwerij Kees Just Another IPA (6.5%)

Just Another IPAAs Kees are Dutch I will forgive them the incorrect use of English on the label (It should be, “A cracker of an India Pale Ale”).
I’ll also forgive them the mistake because this really is a cracker if an India Pale Ale.
Pouring a pale gold, the aroma is home made lemonade and jelly tots, fizzy, fruity and fun.
The malting is caramel that’s burned at its edges, waffles and a spoonful of honey, and there’s a nice salty spiciness from the yeast.
The hopping is sharp and keen, lime leaves and lemon zest, hazel and mown lawns that lead you to a very dry and pithy finish.
Very good indeed.

Source: Ales By Mail

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