Magic Rock Brewing Co. High Wire Grapefruit (5.5%)

High Wire Grapefruit - 1The aroma drifting up at me as I opened this can was absolutely delicious, packed with grapefruit and satsumas, I can’t begin to tell you just how fresh and zesty it smelled.
And once I’d poured this bright golden beer into a glass and taken a mouthful I was instantly in love.
High Wire Grapefruit does a wonderful balancing act, beautifully bringing all its component parts together.
The malting is soft and light, a gentle honey and ice cream cone, caramel and waffle, creating a lovely body over which you find snappy bitter hops, all lemon curd and nettles, sherbet and lime leaves.
And all the while the grapefruit sloshes around.
You can taste juice, flesh, zest, the whole grapefruit is right there, lightly dusted with brown sugar in the long bitter pithy finish.
I wish this could always be in my fridge.

Source: Magic Rock Brewing Co.

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