Buxton Brewery Berry Saki Bastard (10%)

Berry Saki BastardBrewed in collaboration with Hanging Bat Beer Café, the label simply says, “Water, Sorachi Ace Hops, Saki Yeast, Raspberries, White Wine”.
The beer pours a deep cloudy red with a little foaming head and the aroma is fresh berries and caramel coated fence posts.
Taking a swig instantly puckers your lips, makes your eyes water, and has you taking a deep breath as the the booze is instantly, well, boozy.
Everything in this beer, and there’s a lot in this beer, hits you at the same time, making for a rather confusing, though totally enjoyable, experience.
You find juicy and tart raspberries, some toffee and biscuits, gooseberry skin white wine dryness, an earthy yeast hit and the long sabre sharp citrus of Sorachi Ace, and all of this gangs up on you, shouting at you at the same time, it’s an overkill of flavours, a blitzkrieg of ideas, and I for one love it.

Source: EeBria

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