Redwell West Coast Pale Ale (5.6%)

West Coast Pale AleA year or so ago I received a bunch of Redwell beer to review and didn’t like it very much, but things have changed, and canning it would seem, has helped Redwell present their beer exactly as they want it.
And that is fresh and fruity and full of flavour.
Take this, their American style Pale Ale.
It pours with a sharp and resinous orchard aroma and sits in my glass a glowing gold.
The malting here is full and round and packed with strawberries and caramel, wafers and honey, and the hops are delicious, though they’re not what I expected.
Instead of sharp citrus slashes, the hops give you soft round peaches, guava, mandarin and a light piney slap.
Sure there’s some zingy lime zest, but rather than being eye watering lemon, Redwell’s West Coast Pale Ale is soft fleshy fruit, and it is all the better for it.
Lovely stuff.

Source: Redwell

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