The Devil In The Detail: AB/InBev & Camden Town Brewery

Photo courtesy of the wonderful @baron_orm

Photo courtesy of the wonderful @baron_orm

Dear all.
I was going to write my thoughts on the news that AB/InBev had bought Camden Town Brewery, but then I read Matt’s () excellent article and instead decided to ask him if I could link to it from here.
And so, if you’ve not read the article, click the link below.
I have to say that way back in 2012, when I was organising the first CAMRGB Xmas Twissup in London and was in contact with a number of breweries and pubs, Camden left me with a bad feeling about how they operated, and so the news hasn’t come as a complete shock.
But it’s in very bad taste so soon after their crowdfunding event.

Let Down & Hanging Around – Camden Town Brewery sells to AB-InBev


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