The Hop Concept Hop Citrus & Piney (8.5%)

Citrus & PineyThe Hop Concept is part of Port Brewing Co. and their Hop Freshener series is a range of seasonal beers intended to be drunk fresh and to play with various flavour combinations.
Citrus & Piney is brewed with orange zest and is, well, citrusy and piney.
But it’s a lot more than that too.
It’s a magnificent IPA that pours a rich Amber with a big frothy cloud for a head and smells of redwoods, pine needles and Peach Melba.
The malting is rich and round and gloopy with honey and vanilla, shortcake and slightly salted caramel, and the hops are super fresh slashes of mandarin and melon, pink grapefruit, lime leaves and lemon rind, all held together with super sticky pine resin that glues the beer to the inside of your face as the keen bitter finish, sparkling with tangy orange zest slaps you awake with its warm boozy fists.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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