Ballast Point Brewing Co. Indra Kunindra (7%)

Indra KunindraBrewed with Madras Curry, Cumin, Cayenne, Coconut and Kaffir Lime, there are so many reasons why this Stout should be too much, should be unpleasant.
But Indra Kunindra is an amazing beer that pours an impenetrable black and smells like a wonderfully fresh Indian meal.
You find a treacle tart malt making up the body of the beer but it’s the extra ingredients that star here and if you don’t like to take chances you’ll probably hate it.
There’s an eye watering chilli heat that’s tempered by the delicious richness of fresh cumin, an earthy warmth from the cayenne pepper and a sharp citrus twang from the kaffir lime.
Don’t get me wrong, you wouldn’t want to drink this too often, but you really need to drink it just once.
All the chocolate and toffee, treacle, honey, toasted brown bread that you want from a good Stout is here, but it’s just a front for the most amazing journey through fresh and delicious Indian flavours.

Source: BrewDog Leicester

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