Lost Industry Brewing C*H*I*N*O*O*K (5.7%)

CHINOOKA few years ago I met Jimmy through CAMRGB and he told me that he was a home Brewer, sending me a few bottles of his beer to try.
It was all very good indeed, and I even had the honour of designing the labels for a couple of them.
A year or so ago we met up and he told me that he was taking the plunge and turning his brewing into a full time job, and thus Lost Industry was born.
This is the first beer that I have had the pleasure of trying from Jimmy’s new venture and it’s every bit as good as I had hoped that it would be.
Chinook is an American Pale Ale that sits a light gold in my glass and smells, in a word, divine.
It’s an aroma that is big and fresh and fruity, packed with melon and nectarines, an aroma that makes you want to take a swig.
And when you do you find a superb caramel and vanilla ice cream cornet for the malts, chewy, crunchy, biscuit dry, forming the body of the beer.
Over this the hops continue the loveliness you get form the aroma, with lots of tangerine and melon, grapefruit zest, passion fruit and nectarines that take you to their round fruity and soft bitter finish.
Watch out, there’s a new kid on the block.
Thanks Jim.

Source: Lost Industry

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